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Pray for potential building

Possible Building to use:

Hey guys we wanted to reach out and tell you about a opportunity that has come up.  Thru a God appointment we met with a guy this week that spent his own money to build a church in Gugeegue. Well thru many things the missionary that was living there and using the facility had to leave so he has had a local Marshallese family living there.  Well the latest he has been told is that they are to vacate the building.  He does not want this to happen.  He knows God instructed him to build this place to be used as a community center/church and that this would be a great blow to community.  He is thinking that he might loose the attached house but not the actual church building so if that is so that we could possibly take over the church building which is a 2 story 25ft by 100ft long building.  The first floor is one giant room and the upstairs is three rooms. Please pray that if it is Gods will we can use this building to do YWAM Bible education and hold outreach teams!


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