Starting with our Children….

We are a family ministry!  Everyday that we go some place on shore to do ministry our kids are there with us.  Of course most days we give them the option to go or not, so that they have a say in the ministry, but we want them to WANT to be involved.   They are very thankful for family and friends back home that support them financially and just being thoughtful in sending candy and goodies at the right times.

Nickolas – being the oldest born 14 months prior to his sister, has been known by many as an old soul.  He is very apt to sit with an adult and have conversations that are very adult like.  Nickolas is getting very proficient on the boat, learning about electrical systems and plumbing.  Nick is also getting his sea legs on watch and can navigate with the best of them.  He continues to surprise us when he lays hands on people and prays over them an amazing faith based prayer.  He excels in most subjects in school and reads without stopping, we can’t keep him in a book because he devours them!

Sydney – Then there is our adventurous and creative Sydney.  She turns fourteen this month and is a bit of a celebrity on shore.  She has taken her sketching to a new level and is producing some amazing stuff and has many times stated that school should just be art classes only!  She is a kid magnet, if there is a child around they are immediately gravitating  toward her, she has a huge heart and asks us frequently about the possibility of adding children to our family, need to pray more about that one!  Many days if we can’t locate her on the boat all we have to do is look up to her new spot she has made on the first spreader of the mast which is where she goes for some alone time.

We are so blessed by having such amazing kids!  This is not an easy life and there are definitely days where they miss their family and friends and all the conveniences of what a “normal American teenager” might have, but for the most part they are here because they want to be.


About Us……

Winter of 2015 – Thank you Tim Park with Blue Dot Sudio

We are like most people that walked away from Christ after school was out and then found God again after finding darkness and loneliness without HIM.  Katie moved to Central Oregon and made a commitment to Christ right around the same time that I did and lo and behold God had been creating us just as we were in that time and place just for each other. We met at Bible study in Bend Oregon in February of 1998 and we got engaged on easter and it was June 27th of that year that we were married.  Two years later we had Nickolas and 14 months after that we had Sydney.

Both Katie and myself had done short term missions thru our churches and really pushed to go into missions early in our marriage but Gods timing is always better!  It was not till 2012 that I would start to hear Gods call on life (even if at the time I didn’t know what the call was).  He had me patiently waiting to hear Him.  So when He did call Me I would understand be ready to say “YES LORD”.  For me God speaks thru words and for Katie God speaks thru dreams and words.  It was just like this that we as a couple got the Call To Go To Missions.

Soon we were selling our dream home that we built in Terrebonne Oregon.  A home that God had everything to do with.  So when we went to sell it in a low economy it sold for a good price!

When God called called us to missions HE told us to go to Micronesia and SE Asia.  We did do our outreach in the Philippines and am not sure what Gods got in store for us there but we are currently working in the Republic of the Marshall Islands doing what He called us to do!