A family, a boat, partners & a mission

That’s who we are! We are a missionary family based in the Marshall Islands, working in partnership with YWAM and using our sailboat to reach the isolated. Enjoy discovering more about us!

The Suderno's family during their mission trip to the Philippines

Our call to missions

We were living a comfortable lifestyle, working in jobs we enjoyed and doing all the things a normal family did – then God called us into full-time ministry to do missions.

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The Suderno's family

Our family

We are a family, working together to do ministry as a team! When we go to an outer island, we all go and do ministry in what God has gifted us in.

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Front-Side view of Cloud Nine

Our boat

Cloud Nine is a Bowman 57, built by Bowman Yachts in 1975. She is a cutter ketch and has sailed around the globe 3 times. We sailed from Kona to the Marshall Islands.

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The green house is our home and base in Ebeye

Our base

Our home is owned by Anthony and Mikiko Maika – One of the nicest homes on the island. It is our responsibility to take care of it and treat it as if it were our own.

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Students from YWAM ships learning navigation on Cloud Nine

YWAM Ships Kona

We are in partnership with YWAM Ships Kona who uses ocean going vessels to reach people on isolated islands and rivers of the world and is a volunteer organization.

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Sky view of Ebeye in the Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) is located in Oceania. It is @ 70 square miles of land spread out over 750,000 sq. miles of ocean and is comprised of 1,156 islands.

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On Cloud Nine we have several different ways to communicate to our family while out here in the remoteness of the great Pacific.

As of right now the only means of communication is done VIA satellite’s.  We have yet to install a SSB (Single Side Band) or Ham radio on board.  Even then most of you would not be able to use that means of communications anyway!

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Child Sponsorship

The Child Sponsorship Program is 100% about providing a private education for those that cannot attend the local public school due to over crowded classes or no space available at all and to pick up the remaining school age children many of the local churches have private education available.  We work with all of these churches that are Christ based to place students tuition paid into these classes.

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