Front-Side view of Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine Communications & Tracking

On Cloud Nine we have several different ways to communicate to our family while out here in the remoteness of the great Pacific.

As of right now the only means of communication is done VIA satellite’s.  We have yet to install a SSB (Single Side Band) or Ham radio on board.  Even then most of you would not be able to use that means of communications anyway!

Below you will see the 2 effective ways to communicate and or track us.

If you know how to track using MMSI here is ours.   Cloud Nine has an MMSI – 338173139

Delorme / Garmin

Tracking & Messaging device.

This device allows for you to track our movements in real “live” time action.  At least every 10 minutes our position is updated on the web site which overlays us on a global map.  So every 10 minutes a tracking dot shows as a “trail” on the map, and each of these dots can be clicked on and our info such as boat speed, GPS coordinates, and direction are given.

Once you click on the link below there is a message button you can click and use to send 180 character message to us.  Which we can then respond back to.  For us and you it is free to use.  Please feel free to ask questions and send updates to crew and passengers when needed.

I believe that you can send us a message via an email as well:

Here is the link to this tracking and messaging page:

Cloud Nine Tracking & Messaging

Iridium Satellite Phone

Phone and Email messaging device

I think that this is self explanatory.  This is a very expensive phone that can be used anywhere in the world.

We do have a phone number for this device BUT since it is expensive and our minutes limited this number will only be given out to family and certain individuals.

Be not dismayed….  With this phone we are able to access an email account where you can send us an email.  We check this email when we are out on the boat only so use this when we are out on mission only please.  When we are out on a missions trip with the boat we will check this email daily.



Here is the email to use to contact us:

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