About the Republic of the Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) is located in Oceania. It consists of @ 70 square miles of land spread out over 750,000 sq. miles of ocean. There are two chains of islands, the Ralik (Sunset) and the Ratak (Sunrise) chains. There are 29 atolls comprised of 1,156 individual islands.

Atolls are a circular, oval or horseshoe shaped array of coral reef islands that are perched around an oceanic volcanic seamount and encircle a central lagoon. The small islands are all connected by a visible or sunken reef making it ideal conditions for coral reefs and an abundance of sea life to thrive.

Religion: Primarily christian with Protestant, Assemblies of God and evangelical churches like full gospel, Salvation Army, also Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist, Mormon and Jehovah Witness churches.

About our base location in Ebeye

Known as the slum of the Pacific, Ebeye is part of the Kwajalein atoll and is located in the Ralik chain.

  • Population: @ 10,000-12,000 with 70% under the age of 18 years old
  • Poverty: 3rd world nation
  • Living conditions: 2-3 generations living in the same house, and sometimes have to sleep in shifts.
  • Cost of living: High rate of unemployment and high expenses.
  • Education: One public school (overcrowded) and 7 private schools. There are 2000 school age kids that are not attending school for one reason or another.
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