The story of how we got saved and called to the mission field

We are like most people that walked away from Christ after school was out and then found God again after finding darkness and loneliness without HIM.

Katie moved to Central Oregon and recommitted her life to Christ right around the same time that I did and lo and behold, God had been creating us just as we were in that time and place just for each other. We met at Bible study in Bend Oregon in February of 1998 and we got engaged on Easter and it was June 27th of that year that we were married. Two years later we had Nickolas and 14 months after that we had Sydney.

Both Katie and myself had done short term missions through our churches and really pushed to go into missions early in our marriage, but Gods’ timing is always better! It was not until 2012 that we started to hear God’s call on our lives (even if at the time we didn’t know what the call was). He had us patiently waiting to hear Him. So when He did call us we would understand and be ready to say, “YES LORD”.

For me, God speaks through words and for Katie God speaks through dreams and words. It was just like this that we as a couple got the call “To Go Into Missions”.

Soon we were selling our dream home that we built in Terrebonne, Oregon. A home that God had everything to do with. When we went to sell it in a low economy, it sold for a great price in less than 24 hours!

When God called us to missions, HE told us to go to Micronesia and SE Asia. We did do our outreach in the Philippines and am not sure what Gods’ got in store for us there but we are currently working in the Republic of the Marshall Islands doing what He called us to do!