A lot of first’s for the Suderno’s!

OK ya this is our first Blog, our first time being in the Marshall Islands a resident, our first time hosting a team here, our first time living on a boat, just got thru our first Tropical storm – which just as it left us turned into a Typhoon! We are having lots of firsts here on Ebeye! Katie just left to meet the team arriving from Kona on Kwaj with the kids and while I type the boat is rocking really bad as the wind is not going the same way as the waves! It gets on you after a while.

We have been anchored off the Island of Ebeye since May 22nd. We have seen 3 tropical storms, Monsoon rains but not the calm lagoon anchorage that we have heard can happen here! This in its self does not seem so bad but since we are at anchor there is always that chance that the anchor slips or just stops holding. Thus we have to always have to have someone on the boat to monitor this. Yes we have software on the computer that tracks this but it still has to be done. And who ever watches the boat probably should be able to drive the boat incase something does go awry. Right now that is very limited as there are only 4 of us (Anderson has been MIA almost since we got here) so its been a challenge in getting to do things as a family on shore.

We totally feel that this is a spiritual attack from the enemy – as he knows if he can keep us from being on shore then we cannot get things done like we would like to. On top of the weather patterns has left doing night watches and storm watches and vary little sleep. So we are as parents at least on edge and frustrated so easily. We have totally be blessed by the people on shore more than we have had the opportunity to bless them and this is just not good in our book! We have had ups and downs making way for the now and the future YWAM Ships teams. We have been totally looking for a potential land base where to operate DTS schools and house teams. it has been a challenge as there are land owners and Kings and Queens who own land and so we are going thru the hoops and loops of those challenges. Just recently we were given word that a piece of property someone owns has been offered for us to use! The challenge will be drawing up an agreement so that we don’t fix it up then it just gets taken back from us. But God can do wonders! It is a beautiful location and Kate and I want to start a after school sailing program and it would be so helpful if we could do this from the lagoon side and vala this property is on the lagoon side with sand or at least it was until the storm, so not sure its still there or not. But this would be a tear down and rebuild a building project so funds would need to be raised and then people will have to come and build it!

We so believe that a neutral location apart from the churches will so enable us to do so much more than anyone else has been able to do here. You are either from that church or that church, hence we will not help or be a part of what your doing. There is such division within the christian communities here, not that there is none back home (cause there is) but that it limits the mind in what God can do as a community and as a people!

Prayer Points for us right now…

  • Health – spiritual and physical.
  • Finances – pray that we can garner more monthly support.
  • Pray for doors to open where Gods wants us to follow.
  • Pray for the current Outreach team that they have a incredible journey with God here in the Marshalls.
  • Pray that we the Suderno’s learn to communicate with our leadership better!
  • Pray that we see a community come together!
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