Age of living online

We are all un aware of how internet dependent we really are. It has come more to light now that we live in a country that does not have the type of home improvement and grocery stores we came so keenly fond of back in Oregon. So when something come up or comes to your mind in regards to a “want” or “need” its not so simple as just jumping in the car and having unlimited selections to choose from.

No its not like that at all! It usually starts with checking with about 5 mom & pop stores which we have to shop from because items in the stores I have found stem from a personal need of the store owner and he sells the remaining packages on his shelves! Most cases it is not there. Then the process of ordering it on line takes over. First this is dependent on the island having power and if that is working then that the internet is actually working. Then the process of finding a seller on line whether its thru online stores like, “amazon” will even ship to the Marshall Islands. Often they will not and we are blessed enough that they will ship to the military base on Kwajalein and we can have it shipped to someone that will receive it there for us. Then the process of getting across the check point without causing trouble for the individual that was nice enough to let us ship the item to them! But there rules restrict product flow from kwaj. to Ebeye only a 10 minute ferry ride away.

It does remind me of the commercials we used to see on TV that showed refrigerators that ordered items for you and i can only imagine that there are companies that will make sure your pantry is stocked as well for a price. It was this idea that we don’t need to go to the store to buy things just get it in the mail. Well if one lived in the USA this might actually work if your patient enough but as most cannot wait so thus that is why we probably will never see to much advancement in this area!

I know for us once we order something it can take weeks or even months to get it here. Kate once got here birthday card in January and it was sent in October form Washington state. We also had a shipment of solar lights shipped to us from a donor that took 5 months to get to us! So as you can image we get really excited when we get a package! Thank you family and sponsors that continue to ship us care packages of candy and snacks thru US Postal service – Flat rate boxes. These seem to get to us the fastest!

Just remember the next time you order something online if you were in the Marshall Islands it might take 3-6 months to get to you so don’t complain if its just a few days late for you there in the USA!

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