Amazing week – Four blessings

Blessing #1

The first blessing is started our first week with the new team here on outreach from YWAM Ships Kona DTS! Katie has been trying to find housing for this team almost from the day we arrived so in other words asking and begging (not really) and worrying about not having a place for them! Yes plenty of places were offered but they all needed a bit more work then we had money or time to invest for this start of teams arriving. Many of the places were in need of just complete tear down and rebuild type places.. and I’m not just saying this as a previous contractor but that in some cases thats kinda there idea of needing a little work! You know as a husband all I can do is pray and tell her everyday that God knows exactly where this team is going to stay so he will provide, but to no atlas she still worried about it. Then 3 days before the team arrives we get word that there is this place – a 3 bedroom – 2 story house that needs a little work that is available and on top of it all at NO CHARGE! Then of course we get a tropical storm that passes us keeping us on the boat so we are not able to do any work or anything to the place. Day before they arrive Katie goes to shore finds the place is beautiful… and I mean on many fronts for a place in a third world poverty location….this place is a mansion for Ebeye! The work is minimal that is needed and the owners just want to help bless a team that is here to bless the people back! God is so good – we need to learn to trust HIM more each day.

Blessing #2

11698365_10206761829702471_3869597129669118978_nThe second blessing was we had a google hangouts session this week with YWAM-SHIPS Kona and all of the people that are involved with them in the field all in one video chat session! It was so cool to hear about some of what is going on in the organization. Some of it left us still wondering what is going on but for the most part we are just glad to be a part of this great move to reach the isolated. We miss our friends in Kona that we spent a good part of the last 2 years with but know that it was for a reason. One of those reasons is just to have that word or sentence that we get from so many of you so often – that your praying for us. It means so much to know that we are not in this battle alone! Thank you so much!

Blessing #3

imagesThe Third blessing this week was that Katie and I on faith placed an order for the parts necessary to install a mooring here right out in front of the Island of Ebeye. We new that we did not have the funds right up front but knew this was what God wanted us to do. So we stepped out in faith. Well this week we got a message from friends with a giving heart that has stepped up to help us in the past that they wanted to help us pay for this. We gave them how much it was going to cost and amazingly this was the amount they were looking at donating towards this! God is so goodALL THE TIME!!

Blessing #4

21QTDsKa0WLThe fourth blessing for us- Before leaving Kona we had purchased a generator that I for sure thought for sure would be enough power to charge our batteries when needed, rather than running our main engine. Well it turns out that our charger is a 30 amp charger and the generator puts out almost exactly the same amount so it is always working at its max rating thus causing problems with the generator. Now that we know this it was for us to decide if we were going to get a new generator or look at a different charger on top of that we were not set to put this in the budget. Atlas the local church over in Kwajalein called the Chapel told us to make anything like this known to them if it comes up. We are not used to asking for help and this time almost forgot to do this but God reminded us and pressed us to let our request known. Well lets just say that they approved and have already placed the order for the new charger! What a blessing to us once again!

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