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Blessings do come in large packages!

Thank you so much Desert Song Community Church!


After many months of waiting and praying that all would arrive un harmed in the shipping container we were able to use our new dingy in ministry this past 2 months while a team from YWAM Ships Kona was here. This past January while visiting our home church, Desert Song, in Redmond Oregon, our Pastor asked the church to help provide a new dingy and motor which they did with much generosity! It has helped in cutting fuel costs and the amount of trips it takes to take teams and the gear that goes with them. No longer are we taking on water from holes in the floor and we also stay dryer on the ride from the boat to shore as this new dingy also rides higher in the water making it a nicer ride for us!

We were able to use the dingy in doing ministry on Carlos Island for a week. Many of you might recall that we were at Carlos a lot last year as this island offered shelter from the storms that we had last year. The winds made this island in the “lee” (the sheltered side of the island) of the wind that caused huge waves that caused much damage to the windward side of the lagoon last year. But this time the wind was not on the lee side of the wind and as a matter of fact we were on the windward side and got to ride out some pretty crazy stuff once again, but thank God the anchor held and we got to experience some amazing ministry on the island. We were also able to use the dingy in doing ministry at an island around 41 miles up the lagoon called Santos or as the locals call it 3rd island. With about a population of around 600.

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