Donation of eye glasses

The day starts just like any other day with getting the kids started with school with the goal of leaving for the community of Gugeegue which is an 40-60 minute ride on a taxi across a causeway made out of coral to connect several islands together. With the target of leaving at 5 pm as the goal. Being that we are in the equatorial latitude everything is in approximate times. Well we ended up arranging a taxi which for this ride which is about 4-5 miles cost about $20.00 american dollars for one way. So all in all we left around 6 pm and arrived early enough to set up a booth and start processing individuals that needed glasses. By using the bible and seeing if they needed it closer or further away to get an idea where in the spectrum of eye glass strength they might need we were able to at least get close to what they needed without the proper testing tools.

Donation of eye glasses
Using the bible as a test page

We believe that we gave away around 20-25 glasses to this community. We know that we did not reach everyone in Gugeegue but we can plan another clinic down the road. As a family we still have to balance life with missions and the balance of this sometimes can be troubling but in the end is always rewarding!

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