Going to the isolated to help diabetes education

See Video of our last Outreach to Wotho & Ujae here:

Going to the isolated is what YWAM Ships does so that has been our one of our goals here in the Marshall islands, to go to outer islands every quarter of the year. It has been hard for us due to the weather this last year. Barely making it from one side of the atoll to the other without fearing how long we would have to “weather” out the storm. We are excited to finally get to do what we have planned.

While living in Ebeye we have been building relationships that could further the YWAM mission here in the Marshall’s. As some might understand everything happens on “island” time and more. We are not here to change the system but learn how to work with it. Our family, along with so many financial & prayer supporters, are trying to do the great commission here. It sometimes seems like its going so slow, but overtime we step forward and see hearts changed and see that they are aware of Gods heart and that He loves the Marshallese people so much that it propels us forward to do more. After all we are only a family of 4, just how much impact can we make? Thats just it right? Its not us – IT IS GOD WORKING THRU US…

We are tentatively looking at leaving Ebeye on April 15th for Wotho then depart to Ujae on or around April 20th. We will be taking along with us a husband & wife team from Canada that are joining us April 7th. Our goal and mission this time besides taking bibles, medications, food, clothing and wound care is to teach about diabetes prevention education. Along with teaching the outer islands we will be seeing around 7-8 schools and as many children as we can get in front of about diabetes prevention education.

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