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YWAM Ships Kona – 2016 outreach team

To view a short video of the 2 months click here:

This July we received a team from YWAM Ships Kona that consisted of 3 students and 2 team leaders. While here we had the privilege of doing ministry on the Islands of Ebeye, Carlos, Little Buster, Santo/3rd Island. I will not speak for them but can tell you that in those 2 months we had days that were crazy full and others that had us doing the hurry up and wait thing. As with any outreach you get to experience community living, getting on each others nerves, learning how to cook new meals, how to eat new kinds of food. How to deal with cockroaches, rats, motion sickness (sailing), high humidity and thousands of kids pawning at you for your time.

Our family of course has an advantage over these team members as we have been living here for over a year now and try to experience all we can so that we can live and understand Marshallese culture. In this we can explain and teach those that come the how and whys that we often as missionaries stable thru when we get somewhere new. We are able to soften the impact that happens on both fronts by having the knowledge and understanding for them.

Please take the time to watch the video YWAM Ships Kona outreach team 2016 it will show some of the ministry that was performed but not all of it. There is so much that one cannot get into a 5 minute video.

Our family is so glad to be in partnerSHIPS with YWAM Ships. We will continue to build relationships and learn more of the Marshallese culture so that the next team that comes can have even more info and have more ministry opportunities in the future!

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