Our calling to Micronesia

God called us in the fall of 2012 to go into missions but more specifically to go to Micronesia, to the hardest to reach places there.

So in response to this and Gods prompting we sold our home flew to Kona Hawaii to attend a Missions school there with YWAM otherwise known as Youth With A Mission. This school called Family Discipleship Training School or DTS for short taught us how to know God more and how to make God known, it was during this time that we found a part of YWAM that operates ships to reach these isolated people of Micronesia that God was calling us to.  We decided that this would help get us there in training and in heart!  In 2014 we as a family ended up sailing on the former S/V Hawaii Aloha for 3 months with a total of about 2-3000 miles thru Kiribati and into the Marshall Islands. It was in the Marshall Islands that we felt Gods prompting to stay and do ministry.  Since we had positions in Kona that we needed to fill to leave we first did that before eventually purchasing a 60 foot vessel known as Cloud Nine thru once again the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Our vision for the Marshall Islands

It is here in Ebeye that we find ourselves today in what is one of the largest atolls in the world anchored off an Island with over 10,000 people on it that is less than 80 acres in size. Of which is over 60% under the age of 18yrs!

Now that we are here and praying into what God really would have for them that we feel that he wants us to build a after school program that would capture kids hearts into wanting to stay in school so that they could participate in this program.  You ask what kind of program would this be? Well its not as simple as we have back home where there is so much to do. There is no soccer field, there is no after school sports program, there is no work to speak of.

We feel that God is calling us to start after school program. A program that teaches students to sail – but to be a part of it they have to stay in school and show that they are trying to keep a grade point average to there grade level. We can only do this if we have help from our prayer warriors and sponsors back home in the states. Also we need for people to answer the call, the call God has placed in each of us to reach other with HIS Love!