Child Sponsorship Program

The Child Sponsorship Program provides a private education for those who cannot attend the local public school due to over crowded classes. Many of the local churches have private schools available to help the educational burden on Ebeye.  We partner with Island Memorial Chapel on Kwajalein and work with all of the schools that are Christ-based by placing students into these schools and providing them with tuition scholarships.

The following are requirements that we have placed on each student to qualify;

  1.  The parents/guardian qualify due to the lack of financial means, ie. widow or widower, single parent, or unemployed
  2.  The child shows a desire to attend school, not all children want to go to school and it is not enforced.
Marshallese children

Child Sponsorship Program – The Goal

Sponsors are needed to assist Marshallese parents with their child’s school fees.  The kids will be able to learn in a christian educational environment for their academic and spiritual development.  The goal is to make an impact on the children’s life with a sponsor who can connect and provide encouragement to the individual kids while building bridges with the Marshallese churches.

Each of these schools have missionary teachers from all over the world serving as teachers or as a Principal.  Sponsors are encouraged to be a mentor and to engage with their sponsored student.

Child Sponsorship Program – The Accountability

Accountability with each student will be provided from each school Principal providing the child’s grades, attendance record and participation in the classroom when requested.  School fees can be paid monthly, quarterly or in full payment.  Each Principal verified the financial needs of the student’s parents prior to requesting scholarships.

Child Sponsorship Program – The School fees

School Fees are dependent upon the grade of the student and the school they are attending and can range from $50-$70 per student, per month.

You have more questions about our Child Sponsorship Program or you would consider sponsoring a child to end educational poverty?

Ebeye Schools we partner with

Ebeye Calvary School is provided by Ebeye Calvary Assemblies of God Church.  They provide K-12 education.

Ebeye SDA School is provided by the Seventh Day Adventist Church here on Ebeye.  They provide K-12 education.

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GEM Christian School is provided by the New Beginnings Church.  They provide K-12 education.

Queen of Peace School is provided by the Parish of Queen of Peace.  This school provides K-12 education.


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Will you consider joining us

Ebeye is an island of @ 12,000 people.  80 acres of land, 1 mile long and around 700 feet wide.  Thousands of kids need an education.

Kwajalein Island Memorial Chapel – Child Sponsorship Program

The Kwajalein Island Memorial Chapel is a multi-denominational church on the island of Kwajalein.  Not long after arriving here in 2015 we discovered a program that the Chapel on the military base had in place for providing funds for school age kids here on Ebeye.   This program had the foundation and the right heart for the kids.  In partnering with IMC we have continued to build local relationships with the schools and the students to assure current and potential donors are partnered with school age kids.

We guarantee that 100% of the funds go directly to the students’ education.

Questions for IMC Chapel can be directed to;

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