Ending Bible Poverty

Many Marshallese in the outer islands have never possessed a Bible in their own language.

Our goal is to personally deliver one Bible per household.  It has been our privilege to go from door to door.  Sitting with them talking about how reading Gods word can improve their relationship with Him.  What an honor it is to get to know people and then pray with them.  We have so many stories of how God worked thru us and others in this part of our ministry.

To begin with the bibles are in Marshallese.

For a lot of islands they are small enough that we can walk from house to house but on the occasion we have hired someone to drive us around.  On one island we even used a wheel barrel to move cases of Bibles from house to house.

Our passion is not just to give Bibles away, but to educate them on the importance of reading it and how it can help us know who God is and what His voice sounds like when you start listening to Him.


Come, help take these Bibles to the individual islands here in the Marshall Islands. Learn more about volunteering opportunities


  • For funds to continue to come in for the purchase of these Bibles
  • For safe voyages to these remote islands


Giving towards the purchase of Bibles.  The cost of these bibles equates to about $12.00 per Bible.  They come in a case of 12.

Box of Bibles in Marshallese

We need more Bibles

Bibles printed in Marshallese.  We usually purchase around 20-50 or cases at a time


Come serve and Sail with us.

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