English as Second Language

We offer weekly English classes to the children in our neighborhood who don’t go to school. They learn the basics and hear about Jesus’ love for them.

Everyday there are thousands of kids that do not go to school.  We discovered this early on and new that this would be a big part of the ministry here.  One of the biggest things that determined the change we made in living on the boat to living on shore was just for this ministry.  We new that we need a place to teach and a place to which build a relationship with the local community.

So what we have done is to take kids from the neighbor hood and teach them the basics of english in a school setting for free.  Often many of these children have never sat still in a classroom setting ever.  So just that in its self is a big challenge here.

Each year we get to “graduate” some of these kids to a school of their choosing.  Having learned to sit still in class and have an aptitude to learn.  If they qualify for the Island Memorial Chapel child sponsorship program then they will have a free paid for education as well.


Join us as we Love on and teach on Wednesdays at 1pm for around 2 hours of school.  No experience needed.   Learn more about volunteering opportunities


  • Pray for God to be evident in all that we do
  • Pray for these kids to have encouragement and hope
  • Pray for supplies to keep educating these kids for free


We have been very blessed to over 5 years to provide this ESL class for free for over a couple hundred kids. You can send us school supplies.  Please reach out to check what exactly is needed before doing so but many choose to do this instead of donating funds.   If you feel lead to donate towards this please follow the link and make comment that you want your funds to go towards this ministry.

Marshallese children

Donate towards ESL class

100% of the funds you donate go towards this ministry.


If you have a heart to come and serve alongside of us please reach out to us and start this conversation. If you know you could never come please consider donating towards the ministry which 100% of the funds will help us do just that.

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