This ministry is all about sharing God’s love with kids and sharing the good news. We play games, sing songs, tell a Bible story, provide snacks and do wound care in the least reached parts of Ebeye.

Good News Club is simply a platform to which we meet with kids on Fridays in the same spot week after week.  They come to expect us and are joyed to have us spend time with them.  This time usually consists of playing some games (to get energy spent to sit still enough to listen to a story), a story from the bible, singing songs and sometimes snacks and cool aide to drink.

This time allows us to build relationships with children and parents of a different weto (neighborhood).  For the past 4 years we worked with kids in the North Camp weto which is backed by Ebeye’s garbage dump.  By far the least reached group on this island.


If you have the ability to talk & play with kids there is no reason you cannot help with this ministry.  Learn more about volunteering opportunities


  • Pray for these kids to continue to build relationships with Jesus.
  • Pray for the health of these kids.  Most live in disease ridden environment.  Many have skin conditions and infections due to this.


Not alot of funds are needed to do this ministry.  This ministry is primarily a giving love and teaching of the benefits of a relationship with Jesus.  But as we expand it is always nice to draw from funds that are already there.

Giving kids hope!

This program is only 1 day a week but is much need way to share the love of Christ!


If you have a heart to come and serve alongside of us please reach out to us and start this conversation. If you know you could never come please consider donating towards the ministry which 100% of the funds will help us do just that.

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