Outer Island Outreaches

The Short of it is that God called us to the remote, the least of these.  Believe us when we say the small islands in the middle of the Pacific are just that.  A lot of these communities know of God and many have churches and religion but not what a relationship with Christ looks like.

We plan quarterly trips to the outer atolls to take Marshallese bibles, perform medical services, take supplies and to serve the isolated.  You know in reality things don’t always go the way you plan, some months we don’t make it.  Specially since covid hit the world, everything slowed way down specially out here in the pacific.

There are so many islands to reach here in the Marshall Islands.  Our greatest hearts desire is to make sure every household has a Bible in there own language as well as how to have a relationship with God in using the Bible as one of the ways of getting to know God personally.

First thing we do is go where Gods leads.  Sometimes the weather dictates where we go and other times thru direct word God tells us where to go.  Then before ever leaving the island of Ebeye to go and do ministry to another island we seek permission from the local Land owners then the local government.

In reaching out by radio we often discover other needs for that specific island as well.  Sometimes its someone that is in need of travel to that island, or maybe medical supplies from the local hospital.  In making contact they know how many of us are coming and the time frame to expect us.

The specific things we do once we sail there looks a lot like this but maybe not in this order:

  1. Going house to house to give away a free Marshallese Bible.
  2. Providing a reading glass clinic.  Diagnose what level of reading glasses they need then give them a free pair.
  3. Providing a wound care clinic.
  4. Providing Diabetes education class.  The cause and affects.  Proper nutrition and how to manage this.
  5. Preaching at the various churches.
  6. Clothing distribution of the various amounts of donated clothing.
  7. Various up skilling/training of the local medical professional.
  8. Going to the school and training about personal hygiene.
  9. Providing all girls with a Days for Girls kit.  As well the education behind the use of them.
  10. Transportation of medical/teaching staff or supplies.


There are a unlimited amount of ways to volunteer with us.  We have need for any area of ministry we are involved in or even some that we have not even begun to start.  If you have a heart to sail, teach, preach, do wound care, advertise the need for funds to put kids in school.  There really are so many opportunities to be had.  Reach out to us to start this conversation.

Do you have a vessel and want to join us here in the Pacific?  Let us know.

Learn more about volunteering opportunities


Pray for each of the areas of ministry.  Pray for our family.  Pray how God could use you – whether at home or in the mission field your calling is to share the love of God.


If you are of the many that are blessed with an income, can we interest you in getting involved financially?  By investing in Gods ministry here in the Marshall Islands you enable us to reach the isolated people out here in a way that just has not been done before since the early 1800’s.  We are but one boat but are operating under the word “Go”.

Box of Bibles in Marshallese


We are always giving Bibles away to the local islands.  If you feel lead to donate towards this ministry please do so here:


If you have a heart to come and serve alongside of us please reach out to us and start this conversation. If you know you could never come please consider donating towards the ministry which 100% of the funds will help us do just that.

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