Will you consider joining us?

I know we sent out a newsletter already that showed the "numbers/stats/results" of 2017 so if you missed it here is the link - Changing Focus ministry stats of 2017.  Here you see that in 2017 we made an impact on 9 islands with a total population of these islands being around 14,000 people.  The largest … Continue reading Will you consider joining us?

Atolls and Islands visited so far

The country's population of 53,158 people (at the 2011 Census[4]) is spread out over 29 coral atolls,[2] comprising 1,156 individual islands and islets. When we heard the call to come to the Marshall Islands with a sail boat knowing that we would be a family of 4 doing ministry I knew right away we would … Continue reading Atolls and Islands visited so far

YWAM Ships Kona – 2016 outreach team

To view a short video of the 2 months click here: YWAM Ships Kona outreach team 2016 This July we received a team from YWAM Ships Kona that consisted of 3 students and 2 team leaders.  While here we had the privilege of doing ministry on the Islands of Ebeye, Carlos, Little Buster, Santo/3rd Island. … Continue reading YWAM Ships Kona – 2016 outreach team

Blessings do come in large packages!

Thank you so much Desert Song Community Church! After many months of waiting and praying that all would arrive un harmed in the shipping container we were able to use our new dingy in ministry this past 2 months while a team from YWAM Ships Kona was here.  This past January while visiting our home … Continue reading Blessings do come in large packages!

Pray for YWAM’S ship-based Ministries

YWAM has 22 vessels serving in a wide variety of conditions around the world, working to improve the quality of life for isolated people. We have small cruise ships, river boats and deep-sea yachts all working in a cyclical pattern within their region. Some go out for two weeks at a time, others are deployed … Continue reading Pray for YWAM’S ship-based Ministries