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Come to the Marshall Islands and use your skills to make a difference in the lives around you. Engage in many different ministries whether performing kids programs, medical clinics or health education, giving out reading glasses or sailing to remote islands delivering bibles. Whether you are by yourself, a family or want to bring a team – there is a place on board for everyone!

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Our General Volunteers help in every aspect of our organization. Depending on your skill set and experience, a volunteer might find themselves working with one of our children’s programs, teaching ESL class, performing building maintenance, painting, communications, developing our web site, photography or hospitality – these are all important parts of being a volunteer.


Our Marine Volunteers will find themselves helping in many ways on our sailing yacht Cloud Nine. You will be performing a mixture of tasks from scrubbing the hull, working on a diesel engine, driving our 12″ tender to and from shore and taking your turn on watch as we sail to the outer islands of the Marshalls. If you have dreamt about sailing and missions, this is the perfect fit for you.


Changing Focus Ministries is looking for physicians, dentists, optometrists, nurses and other medical professionals to take on short-term mission trips to the outer islands. Whether you are a diabetes specialist, dental hygienist or an experienced primary health care provider – our goal is to take medical services to where they are needed most, to some of the least reached islands in Micronesia.

Scott and Katie Suderno have pioneered a YWAM Ships Ministry in RMI and their solid commitment to the local community and the outer Islands has impacted many lives. I have personally sailed with them and sent students to do outreach with them therefore I can attest to the quality of their programs.

Captain Ann Ford - SONS leader at YWAM Ships Kona

We were so blessed to have Changing Focus Ministries come to Likiep and give us bibles in our own language. For some of us, this is the first bible we have ever owned.

Junior DeBrum - Acting Mayor of Likiep

This ministry is performing many facets of God’s work and meeting spiritual, physical, and mental needs of the people. CFM takes bibles, food goods, clothing and provides much needed medical attention in the remote islands of RMI.

Audrey Stoll - RN - YWAM Ships outreach

Sailing on Cloud Nine was amazing! Even when we were far from land and despite any unexpected events that may arise, I always felt safe under the command of our captain, Scott Suderno.

Annélie Gagnon - Staff and marine crew

Do you feel compelled to volunteer with us? Or do you have any questions?

General information

Yokwe and welcome to the Marshall Islands! You will fly from Honolulu on United Airlines into Kwajalein Atoll International Airport, which is a military base. There you will be escorted to the checkpoint of the military base where you will be met by your hosts and ground contacts Scott and Katie Suderno. From there it is a 30 minute ferry ride to the island of Ebeye, our base of operations. Departure is the same as arrival just in reverse.

Costs differ depending on the length of your stay and the position you are volunteering with – staff, general volunteer or medical mission. Costs include food, boarding and internet when accessible. We recommend you budget $120 per week for food, accommodations and misc.  this cost does not include sailing to an outer atoll – transportation is an additional cost to be determined by CFM depending on the destination.

Come for 2 weeks to 12 weeks, it all depends on the experience you want to have. All lengths of stay will be determined by the CFM staff prior to booking your reservations.

Accommodations on Ebeye will be arranged by the outreach coordinator from Changing Focus Ministries and consist of healthy living conditions that include a bed and shower. When on outreach on board Cloud Nine, accommodations will be sailor style living.

Changing Focus Ministries believes that eating healthy is very important for the well-being of each volunteer. Unfortunately, we are sometimes limited by our menu creations due to what is available on this island in the middle of the Pacific but do our best to create culinary delights.

Visas are the permission granted by a sovereign nation to a traveler permitting entry for a specific purpose and can be a lengthy process. You will need to contact local authorities in your country to see if a visa is required. Once you have decided to come to the Marshall Islands you should start apply for a visa prior to purchasing your airline ticket. Obtaining your visa is the responsibility of each volunteer and Changing Focus Ministries will not be held liable for any airfares canceled or missed due to visa denial or cancellation.

Health insurance is required and is attained at the cost of each volunteer.

The Marshall Islands are located 9 degrees above the equator and it is humid on a daily basis with the average temperature being 80-85 degrees F. There are frequent rain showers and the sun is very intense so prepare for rain and bring sun protection.

The dress in the Marshall Islands is very modest and as we are presenting ourselves in a Godly way we want to abide by their culture as to not offend. Women will be required to wear dresses or skirts below the knee and to cover the shoulders – leave your shorty shorts at home. Men need to provide shorts that are medium in length above or below the knee and pants & collared shirts are recommended for church. We recommend at least one quick dry long sleeve shirt when sailing and a hat for sun protection. While on the boat, modest shorts and swim suits are acceptable attire. We believe it is the heart of God for us to live our life pleasing to Him, loving and preferring others and dressing in a way that portrays that.

The main spoken language is Marshallese, but many of the younger generation know and speak English. On the outer islands, Marshallese is the main language spoken and understood and Changing Focus Ministries can arrange for translators when traveling outside of Ebeye.

Changing Focus Ministries is a christian mission organization and the Marshall Islands are predominantly a christian nation. While volunteering with us you will have opportunities to group praise & worship, corporate prayer and praying for those we come in contact with. We invite you to serve in a Godly manor and expect God to show you amazing things.

Life on a boat is a lot of fun and we live in close community. Living in close community may be a new experience for you so we ask that you communicate clearly your needs and work together to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Living quarters are compact and space will need to be shared by all the crew on board. When the boat is in motion, there may be times when you are not feeling 100% so it is best to be prepared by bringing motion sickness medicine with you. When we travel to an outer island we may travel at night so we suggest you bring a head lamp with you that has a red-light included for night vision. The captain is the one in charge on the vessel at all times and will oversee any navigation and safety of the crew and ship.

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Our base of operations is a very nice house that is located on Ebeye. Everyone works as a team and is appointed responsibilities that we ask you to perform with joy in your hearts as you lend to the loving atmosphere of our base. We are responsible for the care and maintenance of the home so there are times when your skill as a plumber or painter may come into play. We use our home for some of ministries, but we leave our upstairs living accommodations for team members only so down time is protected.

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Application process

Volunteer your time to make a difference in the remote locations of the world. Applying is a very important process for us, so just follow the steps below and let us know if you have any questions.


Changing Focus Ministries form

Changing Focus Ministries requires some information from you so we can get started on this process. After we receive this form you will hear from us within 48 hours with an email that includes helpful information. Fill out the Get To Know You form


YWAM Ships application form

Changing Focus Ministries is in partnerShip with YWAM Ships Kona. Please follow the link to their application and submit it. Your application will be forwarded to us and them we will schedule a call. Fill out the Application form


Interview and acceptance

The interview will be done via Skype/FaceTime. Once interviewing is complete, we will prayerfully consider your application and respond within 7 days with our decision. Upon acceptance, you will prepare to come by obtaining necessary documents, visas and make travel arrangements.

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